Wednesday, November 20, 2019


As the temperatures drop, we’re all looking for ways to create a sense of coziness. Sometimes that’s about more than staying warm. For many, autumn and early winter presents the early time to indulge their sweet tooth. There’s no risk of treats that melt in the heat and the right sweets can pair perfectly with a warm cup of cocoa or apple cider. When you’re visiting Ann Arbor, make sure to satisfy your need for sugar. Here are a few places you can go for your sweets and dessert fix in the area.
Located on University Avenue, Sweeting is the perfect stop for those visiting the University of Michigan college campus who want to stop for something sweet. They offer a variety of bubble teas and home-rolled ice cream as well as their own unique desserts. Consider their deep-fried ice cream, topped with sprinkles and a chocolate drizzle. Their menu has heavy Asian influences, such as fruit wrapped mochi, rice balls, and a wide variety of taro balls.
Simple Pleasures Baked Goods is the place to be for those who have a sweet tooth but also want (or need) to eat responsibly. Here you can find eggless dessert bars, gluten-free and vegan cakes and pies, and even sugarless muffins. In fact, the owner of Simple Pleasures was inspired by her brother’s own need for a sweets fix, which came into conflict with his vegetarian eating habits. She took to alternative baking that allows everyone to indulge, without having to feel guilty or potentially risking their health to do so.
A classic, laid back ice cream parlor serving scoops of homemade ice cream, Blank Slate Creamery is one stop that sweets lovers won’t want to miss. Their flavors change daily listed on their website as well as, of course, in-store. You can even order pints and quarts to take home. But if you’re looking for alternative options, don’t worry. Blank Slate offers several dairy-free flavors every day and even has gluten-free and vegan options.
Sometimes you want to go somewhere you can count on for a particular kind of sweet. When you see a name like Cupcake Station, you can rest confident that they know how to make really good cupcakes. At Cupcake Station, you can find fresh daily cupcakes in flavors with creative names like “What’s Up Doc,” “Bumpalicious,” and “Station’s Samoa.” They also offer cookies, caramel bars, and pudding — as well as cupcakes, for dog lovers!
Zingerman’s is famous as a local, wildly diverse food group. There’s the deli, the roadhouse, the coffee shop, but the one you’ll want to check out here is Zingerman’s Bakehouse. Here you’ll find cakes, cookies, pastries, and more that are uniquely and distinctly Ann Arborian. They even have their own cookbook!
Looking for a place to stay after you’ve indulged yourself in all the sweets you can eat? University Inn of Ann Arbor is conveniently located near the University of Michigan campus and offers discounts to students and parents visiting UM. Contact us today for more information.

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