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Autumn is a wonderful time to be outdoors in Ann Arbor, with its bright fall colors and crisp autumn air, all the sweet scents and tastes. And now with December on its way, we can even look forward to the first snowfall. It’s no wonder that people in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti like to wander a little more slowly and really explore.
First Fridays Ypsilanti provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. While downtown Ypsilanti is always vibrant and charming, the first Friday of the month is something special. Shops offer free tastings and sometimes stay open a little later. The streets are filled with live music and local artwork. If you want a taste of the area, First Fridays in Ypsilanti is something you’ll need to check out.
A First Friday Walkthrough
First Fridays are self-explanatory. They happen on the first Friday of every month in downtown Ypsilanti. There is a wide range of local participating vendors who will line the streets with tables offering free tastings or samples of local art and culture. There’s no set schedule or order of stops you have to make. You guide yourself through all that First Fridays Ypsilanti has to offer.
You can find a map laying out all of the vendors for the particular Friday and all the tables and stops to find along the way. There’s live music throughout to keep you entertained for as long as you want to explore. But every First Friday is different, so even if you’ve been before, you’ll still find something new to explore the next time.
FFY Events To Come
First Fridays Ypsilanti is more than just the standard vendors. They also have unique events that make each month stand out from the last. Check their Facebook page for upcoming events to stay current. Often, they’ll list bands who might be performing or holiday-themed events. For instance, November kicked off with two Halloween themed events: All Hallows Illumination of Frog Island and Halloween Day of the Dead at Ziggy’s. All Hallows Illumination offered a beautiful display of festive jack-o-lanterns and a chance to dress up in Halloween costumes. Halloween was essentially a Halloween themed dance party, including a costume contest.
Need to catch up on work? Look for Plug and Play events, a coworking afternoon where you can use the back office to finish your work so you can enjoy yourself for the rest of the evening. In December, you can check out the tree lighting, watch holiday movies, or make crafts. Keep an eye out on the events page so that you don’t miss out on any exciting First Fridays Ypsilanti events.
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