Tuesday, August 13, 2019


You’re on vacation in Ann Arbor and want to check out the local food scene. It’s a beautiful night with mild temperatures, and the idea pops into your head of eating outside. Maybe it’s a date or a family meal, or maybe you just want to treat yourself. The question is where to go? With so many options, the answer will depend on what you’re craving on a particular night. Here are a few of our recommendations for great al fresco dining in Ann Arbor.

Bill’s Beer Garden

If you’re looking for a refreshing brew, tasty mixed drink, or glass of wine, Bill’s Beer Garden is perfect. This is a fully outdoor courtyard with a stand where you can order drinks. This isn’t a good place to go for a meal, as they primarily just serve drinks. However, you can order a pretzel or other tasty snacks to go along with your drink. Whatever you order, the atmosphere is laid back and open and the community is cheerful. Read more here...

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